Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers has nabbed not just someone who is registered to vote in NH and in another state, but someone who likely voted in both in 2008.  We have the story below.

Bensignor:  Dual voter, NH vote thief

Bensignor: Dual voter, NH vote thief

Your humble Manchester radio show on WLMW 90.7 FM, was instrumental in outing the 1200 Elm St Voter Complex then cleaning it out for the 2014 elections.  Here is the work that goes into it:

Another friend of Jeanne Shaheen, Michelle J. Bensignor – came to NH with South Dakota vote thief Geoff Wetrosky.  Michelle is from Maryland. She voted in NH in 2008 at the 1200 Elm St. Voter Fraud Complex, Unit # 816.

Here is what the Maryland Voter Registration Web site says about Michelle:

My Voter Registration Record

A change to your registration came in after the deadline. You are eligible to vote in this election, but you will need to vote a provisional ballot.

Information outdated or incorrect? Update your information online.

If you need to change any of this information, change it at least 3 weeks before the election. You can change it online. If you do not live at this address anymore, use our polling place lookup to find out where you should vote. When you vote there, you will vote a provisional ballot, but we will use the information you give to update your voter record.

Do you need to show
ID when you vote?  No

Voter Name:  Michelle J Bensignor

Residential Address:  8900 Falls Chapel Way  Potomac, MD 20854


Party Affiliation:  Democrat

Registration Date:  4/30/2003

Here is the feeble info from NH records:

WETROSKY, GEOFFREY CLINTON                    (605) 763-2315
1200 Elm St Unit 816                                                   X 2008
Manchester, NH  03101                                              Party: Democrat
DOB:  1/1/1980

1200 Elm St Unit 816                                                     X 2008
Manchester, NH  03101                                                Party: Democrat
DOB: Unknown

Many of you may remember vote thief and political sign stealer Geoff Wetrosky who in 2005 was shacked up at the Kathy Sullivan voter fraud motel on Mammoth Rd. in Manchester. Geoff was caught red-handed stealing political signs while working for Mayor For Life Bob Baines. Look it up if you don’t know. I have little time right now to re-hash some of our vote thieves.

This Michelle Bensignor, as you can see, has been an active voter in Maryland since 2003. So how can she be voting in Manchester at the 1200 Elm St. Vote Fraud Complex?

Ask Secretary of State Bill Gardner next time he is in your neighborhood how someone can be registered and voting in two states at once.

Naile:  "Nailes" vote thief Bensignor

Naile: “Nailes” vote thief Bensignor

Don’t bother with the NH AG’s Office though. They have a new definition for the legal requirement of a “domicile” to vote in NH.
In the Democrat Party Big Shot, State Senator Martha Fuller-Clark case of her house being used by out-of-state vote thieves the NH AG tried to make up a new definition for domicile. They think “establishing a presence” is all that is required.

Funny way for our Attorney General to read the NH Constitution which says an inhabitant must vote in the ward or town in which he is domiciled.

Let’s see what Maryland says.

Our friends in Virginia, The Virginia Voter Alliance, have the Maryland Statewide Voter list and I have asked them for assistance. They just caught 17 interstate double voters from one county in Virginia alone.

Publisher’s Note:  We’ve sent Bensignor a message requesting comment on her double voting and will report any reply we get.  Also, we’ve done a little research of our own.  According to her LinkedIn page, where she admits to her passing time in NH at the time she voted, she now works in NYC.

Second Publisher’s Note:  Naile provided additional documentation regarding her dual voter status which we publish below.

Pay from NH
Mom and Dad’s house in MD.
“The Clinton campaign also added staff to Lancaster County last week, naming Michelle Bensignor its regional field director in Lancaster for the duration of the primary. Bensignor, a Penn alumna, has experience organizing in New Hampshire, Tennessee, Virginia and Texas.”
Bensignor’s current work from July 2013 to the present.