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I have already written about the Guinta ad that promises Frank will  “fight to help middle class families pay for child care.”

Jack Kenney

Kenny: “Friendly Frank”

Is Frank going to help those middle class families from his own income? Even his mysterious $250,000 bank account would run out before he had helped too many families. Either it will come from taxes, in which case, middle class families will be paying for it; or it will come from the Fed increasing the money supply, in which case it will erode families’ purchasing power, meaning it will make it harder to, in President W’s words “put food on the American family.” And they can thank Frank and the rest of the Congress for that. There are, of course, other possibilities: Frank could propose diverting money form the Pentagon to pay for child care. But that’s not likely. Not when we have to kill ISIL extremists (they’re more moderate when they’re dead) at millions of dollars per bullet and more millions per missile.

Friendly Frank also told Laura Knoy that the federal government should provide resources (i.e. money) without strings attached. Like a lot of Republicans, he’s conservative not about money, but only about strings. But what could be more anti-conservative than the idea that the federal government should give away money without conditions as to  how it is spent.  The great accomplishment of the GOP: Forgetting how to oppose wars  themselves, they’ve made Democrats politically afraid to be antiwar.  Bombs away!
~Jack Kenny
Manchester, NH