"Unaccompanied minors" photo from other states.  Is this what's in NH?

Photo of “unaccompanied minors” from other states. Is this what’s in NH?

Thirty five.  That’s the number of so called unaccompanied minors from Central America that have found their way to the our state.  Mayor Ted Gatsas made that announcement at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen during his regular refugee update.  In an interview yesterday here on Girard at Large, Gatsas declined to disclose his sources, but said they were pretty accurate.  Thirty five is nearly triple the thirteen Governor Margaret Wood Hassan’s office admitted were here just a few short weeks ago, after the governess herself said she was unaware of any request by the federal government to house the illegals in the state.

Gatsas:  Take care of our own first.

Gatsas: Take care of our own first.

According to Gatsas, while officials are sharing the number of illegals brought to the state by the feds, he said they’re refusing to say where they’re being housed and that they’re not required to undergo any kind of health screening, which is of great concern if they’re in school.  Past news reports have indicated that families who host these so called border children whose parents have been encouraged by our government to send them here, go figure, receive six thousand dollars per child per month.  Gatsas said there were an awful lot of homeless kids in the city he could take care of with thirty million dollars, which we presume is the amount of money somebody in this state is getting for accepting these super secret illegal kids, and that we should be looking to take care of our own children before bringing in others.

MSD:  Common Core testing has run amok.

MSD: Common Core testing has run amok.

Parents at Weston Elementary School in Manchester received an interesting letter from the school on Monday.  Seems they’re a bit nervous about the results of the testing that’s being done in their classrooms and are trying to allay parent concerns with a note from the principal.  In the letter, the principal writes quote “Last year, the rubric/assessment scoring criteria and the grade level ranges used to determine grade level reading benchmarks changed.  The rigor and expectations increased substantially.  As we begin to assess our students this year, we are finding ourselves in an adjustment period.  Some students seem to be assessing at a level lower because of the increased expectations in comprehension while they continue to meet grade level expectations in decoding and fluency.  Other students who were considered on grade level using the previous rubric may now be a level or two below because of the new grade level ranges. S ome students who were considered above grade level are now on grade level.”  End quote.  The letter goes on to give an example that tries to clear up this confusing wording, then continues with this quote “If you find yourself questioning the change ……it is not because your child has fallen behind but because the bar was raised.  As I mentioned, there will be an adjustment period as we raise our expectations and adjust our instruction.”  End quote.  Here’s my translation:  We’ve made the tests harder, so your kids aren’t doing as well, but don’t worry, because they’re actually learning no differently than before and we’re figuring out how to teach to the test.  We’ll get into this at the top of the 8 o’clock hour.

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Gagnon:  AG mum on why killers won't be charged with murder.

Gagnon: AG mum on why killers won’t be charged with murder.

New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster and Manchester Police Department Chief David  Mara released an update on the investigation into the February second fatal stabbing of Christopher Gagnon in a part of the city knows as Black Acres.  Gagnon was killed by a single stab wound to the chest and his death was declared a homicide by the Medical Examiner.  Based upon the full investigation conducted, no homicide charges will be brought in connection with Gagnon’s death.  Instead, Stephen O’Neill and Tristan Stone have been indicted on multiple non-homicide felony charges in connection with their conduct on the evening of Gagnon’s death.  Those indictments were handed-down after the Attorney General’s Office referred its investigative file to the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office for consideration of possible non-homicide charges.  Once the current legal proceedings against them have concluded, the Attorney General’s Office will issue its final report on Gagnon’s death, with the associated findings and reasoning behind the decision not to seek homicide charges.

St. Joes:  Being restored to former grandeur

St. Joes: Being restored to former grandeur

St. Joseph Parish, the Cathedral of the Diocese of Manchester, is installing the Reredos from Holy Trinity Church in Boston, which closed in two thousand eight.  For those of you who don’t know, the Reredos is the ornate high altar that sits at the back of the Sanctuary.  In fact, many of Holy Trinity’s beautiful, gothic furnishings have been gifted to the Cathedral parish and will be installed, including their Stations of the Cross, which are each 6 feet tall.  The archways on the altar area will be matching the Gothic architecture of the Reredos.  the church hopes to have the ongoing installations completed by Thanksgiving.  New interior lighting will be going up in the Cathedral and fresh paint is mercifully headed for its walls.  The tabernacle will be restored to a central place on the Reredos and statues will go in the top alcoves.  Parishioners are thrilled, saying the new additions are breathtaking and making St. Joe’s actually look like a cathedral.  Pastor Monsignor Anthony Fronterio is earning high praise for his efforts to renovate the parish’s interior spaces, which are sorely needed, after the completion extensive exterior work.

Girard at Large coffee mug

Coffee with a Cop! Click to bring your Girard at Large mug!

The Manchester Police Department’s monthly Coffee with a Cop will take place this morning at Gloria Jean’s Coffee inside the Mall of New Hampshire.  Members of the Manchester Police Department will be on hand to speak with the citizens of the community while enjoying a delicious cup of Gloria Jean’s coffee, which will be on the house.  The event will take place between 9:00 and 11:00.  The police hope to see you there.

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