The Manchester Police Department would like to advise you of the Hallo-Wiener Hustle road race on Sunday, November 9, 2014 from 10:00 AM to approximately 12:00 PM that will cause some traffic issues on Elm St, Bridge St and Chestnut St.

Hallo Wiener HustleThe race kicks off from the area of Elm St and Lowell St and is approximately one mile long, traveling north on Elm St to Brook St, east on Brook St to Chestnut St, south on Chestnut St to Lowell St, and then back to Elm St.

The race is a relay race with four participants per team, so the route will be populated with runners for the entire time and for the entire length of the route.

Although the course is considered an open course, runners will be given the right-hand travel lane of both Elm St and Chestnut St. Travel on Bridge St, Lowell St, and Brook St from Chestnut St to Elm St will be restricted in order to ensure safe passage for the runners.

West bound traffic on Bridge St will be diverted south onto Chestnut St and east bound traffic on Bridge St will be diverted onto Elm St.