We publish this Op. Ed. submitted by Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers and anchor of our segment, A Question of Voter Fraud.  ~Publis

All The News Thats…



Right out of the liberal play book there appears the tired old news collaboration we have seen in this small state so often.

State Representative Bill O’Brien, a Republican thorn in the side of tax and spenders from both parties for a decade or more, has been elected Speaker of the House once again.

And within minutes the pre-written “news” about this event is as to be expected.

Here we go:

The Manchester Paper starts off with, in their first sentence: “promised a more inclusive and less confrontational approach than in his first stint.”

And the glorified high school Associated Press reporter with ties to the Tides Foundation – that would be the extreme opposite of the TEA Party folks, writes up a something for several weak news outlets with no writers of their own.





Basically, it is the same stuff: O’Brien needs to mend his ways.

WMUR’s Josh McElveen seemed to play it pretty straight and did have an interview with left wing Democrat Senator Lou Dinosaurasandro who parroted the progressive tripe.


And finally, NHPR’s Title: O’Brien Picked For House Speaker; Republicans Expect Less Conflict, More Cooperation.

Remember Josh Rodgers, the NHPR political reporter. He was the left wing go to guy who savaged former Governor Benson relentlessly? Gov. Benson got from NHPR the same treatment Bill O’’Brien went through when he was Speaker last time. You can spot Josh strolling around Concord with a scarf around his neck looking like just got dressed out of his funky trunk.

O'Brien:  Victorious again

O’Brien: Victorious again

But 2014 may be a different story for New Hampshire news outlets.

This time there will be reporting about insider things like: Governor Benson fired Josh Rodgers mommy from her high paying state job at the Insurance Commission, vendetta via public radio perhaps? That was never mentioned in the NHPR stories. I find that odd.

Missing in the O’Brien new batch above is the crushing defeat of Democrat slash and burn campaign guru, Raymond Buckley, who spent every political cent trying to defeat Bill O’Brien.

What a loser, and high paid loser at that, who taps every Democrat candidate for a percentage of their campaign funds as they are funneled through headquarters to be managed by what appears to be his personal attack roller coaster.

If I get the combined NH new source stories right, Speaker O’Brien has to learn from his mistakes, ridding NH of the $800 million dollar Democrat Deficit, but the losing Democrat Party Chair can go one wasting Democrat candidates money on Alinsky style personal attacks because quite frankly, he doesn’t know much else.

Kudos to Rep. Chandler for asking for a unanimous vote.

Check your conservative blogs and radio programs for updates on the revered NH press.

Congratulations to Speaker O’Brien. Small businesses and taxpayers can breathe a sigh of relief for a few years.