Lori and Rhoda(1a) Lori Greene was Rhoda’s co-host on the show today.  They begin the show by talking about the law of attraction and how one thought could change the course of your day. Do you ever wonder what men tell their personal trainers?  How about women?  Rhoda filled us in on the distinct difference between men and women when they start a new exercise routine.

(1b) In today’s society, time is the most valuable asset we have. We take a call from Sarah who lets us know how she manages to fit a workout in with juggling two kids. We learn how simple taking a few minutes for a workout can be and it can be as easy as turning to your computer.

(1c) In the final segment, Rhoda emphasizes the importance to read your labels when shopping. Is obesity just linked to eating and exercise habits? Learn how chemicals, additives and environmental challenges can spell a metabolic disaster down the road.