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Derry Town Councilor Mark Osborne

Derry Town Councilor Mark Osborne

Derry Town Councilor Mark Osborne is the tip of the spear in the budget battle that is raging in Derry, a town with one of the highest tax rates in NH.  After his last appearance on our show, opponents accused him of violating the town charter, leading him to question whether or not elected officials have the right to free speech.

We’re glad he was undeterred and came back for an update on the battle that will rage for at least another two weeks.  (Click here to listen to Mark’s last interview with us.)

Derry’s firefighters are really during up the heat and getting help from state union forces.  Unfortunately, a lot of what they’re saying just isn’t borne out by the facts.  We went through the numbers and they’re pretty shocking.

In the second part of this segment Rich and Mark talked about non contractual pay raises and the way forward.  Derry is honoring raises and cost of living increases for employees that don’t have contracts.  out that they have been dipping into their capital reserves.  Will it affect their bond rating?  What are the next steps?  When will it all end?

(Part 1:  Derry Fire Station)

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(Part 2:  Contractual pay raise)

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