(Hours 2c,3a,b&c) Sid GlassnerWe had an opening in the show, and in a pleasant turn of events Sid Glassner came in to pinch hit!  He started off the segment of Is Our Children Learning by reminding us about the Manchester School Board meeting with Commissioner Virginia Barry and Tom Rafio concerning the use of the Smarter Balanced Assessment test results.


(Hour 3a) In this segment Rich and Sid discussed teachers and their induction into the profession.  They shared about clinical work and how higher education in the United States is so highly esteemed worldwide.  Sid shared his thought that we need to have an apprenticeship period.

(Hour 3b) Sid and Rich discussed ways to transform the teaching profession.  They detailed a number of specific ways, which included an apprenticeship period and a redrawn allocation of money.

(Hour 3c) To kick off the final segment Rich asked Sid “In a model like this how do you transition from what you have to what you want and how do you compensate the teachers?”  They went through a number of specifics.  Tune in, you won’t want to miss it!