Rich and Sid

Rich Girard, host of the Girard-At-Large radio show shared his thinking about why he has put himself forward as a candidate for one of the two positions of at-Large Manchester school board member. 

During the interview Rich expressed his thinking about parent and community involvement in the schools, teacher accountability and responsibility, and the necessity for school board members to ask the right questions and expect the right answers.  All to frequently it seems that there has been an absence of honest, intellectual skepticism on the part of board members resulting in policies that have not been professionally vetted and thought out.  Far too much blind acceptance has been practiced by the board and Rich would do his best to change such behavior.

It should be noted that two of the other candidates for this board position have refused to appear on the show with Sid (incumbents Tessier & Staub).  The third candidate (Lachance) will receive an invitation shortly.

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