(Hour 1b) Dept of Education NHRich started the segment by taking a call from our loyal listener Eric, who wondered about the status of the pending lawsuit against the Alderman who broke the Charter in voting for the Teacher Contract.  Rich told us about the NH Department of Education, which wants the case to be dismissed.  He told about the Supreme Court’s ruling against the taxpayers.  He then talked to us about the place of the Conduct Board and shared about what some of the people involved are saying.  Tune in for all of the details.

Tune in for all the details.


who asked a question about an upcoming meeting.  Rich answered his question by telling us about the Citizens of Manchester V the City court case, regarding the breaking of the Charter.  He told us that he recently met with Attorney Brandon Rosspoke about what he would find wrong about the case and gave us the details behind it.


Citizens of Manchester V City of Manchester


conduct committee – board of alderman



wanted to know about the lawsuit




citizens of manchester against the city

spoke with attorney brandon ross