Trump: Frontrunner

The eve of the New Hampshire Primary is upon us and tomorrow it all comes to an end as voters will cast their ballots in the only poll that matters.  In wake of what may prove to have been a consequential debate, G O P front runner Donald Trump appears poised for a big win.  Nobody laid a glove on The Donald during the debate, where he returned to themes that have galvanized support for his campaign.  Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz had rougher rides as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie clearly won an exchange with Rubio on the idea of who is prepared to be President and Dr. Ben Carson made a quote unquote “Washington Ethics” label stick to Cruz over efforts by his campaign to get Carson caucus goers to vote Cruz under the specious claim Carson was dropping out.  What it all means is the battle for second place in the G O P Primary is wide open.

Sanders:  Poised for big win

Sanders: Poised for big win

That was confirmed by the penultimate results of the UMass Lowell/7 News Tracking Poll results we’ve been following during this past week.  Yesterday’s poll showed both Trump and Democratic frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders widening their leads.  Trump was up one point for the second day in a row, with thirty six percent of likely primary voters saying they will cast their vote for him.  Rubio and Cruz held their respective second and third place spots with fourteen and thirteen percent respectively.  Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush held his ground at ten percent and Ohio Governor John Kasich fell a point to nine.  We’ll start to see whether or not the G O P debate influenced voters when today’s poll is released.

Democrats didn’t seem impressed with Hillary Clinton’s debate performance from Thursday night.  While her support held at forty percent, Sanders picked up two points to land at fifty seven.

Click here for the results mentioned above, as well as the results released this morning after we went on the air.


Police announce polling traffic pattern changes

Cities and towns across the state have issued traffic alerts for roadways surrounding their polling places.  Voter turnout is expected to be high tomorrow, with Secretary of State Bill Gardner predicting more than half a million votes will be cast.  The Goffstown Police Department released a traffic alert advising motorists to avoid Mast Rd at Bartlett Elementary School in Pinardville and at the Wallace Road Rotary near Goffstown High.  Inasmuch as they are the town’s polling places, traffic volume is expected to be high.  Those who vote at the high school are being asked to access Wallace Road from Shirley Hill Road if possible.  Commuters driving to points north and west of Goffstown Village on Route 114/Mast Rd are urged to take Henry Bridge Rd to Elm St. to Main St.

Be sure to check your local police department or town Web site for traffic instructions in your community.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Pearl:  Budget changes

Pearl: Wants budget change

Eighty nine people showed up at the Hooksett School District Deliberative Session on Friday night and it looks like they charged the town’s taxpayers for their night out as every penny removed from the proposed school budget by the Budget Committee was restored to the budget.  The town now faces the choice of a default budget that increases school spending by one point four million dollars or the proposed school budget which increases it by one point six million dollars.  Either way, school property taxes are expected to jump by about a buck six per thousand.

That outcome prompted Budget Committee Chairman David Pearl to issue a statement asking voters to support Warrant Article Ten, which, if passed, would enable the budget committee to determine the school district’s default budget, in accordance with the law.  Of course, that warrant article isn’t recommended by the school board, but why would it be?  As it stands now, it can determine what default means and continue to provide voters with no-choice choices like this year’s, something Pearl has fought not only from the budget committee, but also as a member of the school board.

Drop off .

Closed for repairs

The city of Manchester Drop Off Facility will close its scales for repairs starting tomorrow through Thursday.  The facility will remain open, but materials that are usually charged by weight will be charged at the flat rate of one dollar per cubic foot and all other standard fees apply.  Customers may experience unusual delays.

Collins:  Rules for you, but not for me

Collins: Rules for you, but not for me

The rules for some, but not for others method of doing business persists in the Timberlane Regional School DistrictTimberlane School Board member Rob Collins took to Facebook with the following message during the district’s February fourth deliberative session:  Quote

FYI to everyone. I will be updating this page live at the meeting tonight.

Please attend if you are able, even if it is only for the budget warrant article, to protect it from those who might try to propose a massive cut. The budget is the first warrant article to be reviewed.

I will post if it appears this will happen so if you’re not in attendance PLEASE make an effort to get to the HS gym ASAP. Most residents of Timberlane are within 15 minutes. That should be plenty of time to get here to cast your vote.

Thank you!


The problem is that Policy B E A B, which prohibits school board members from using electronic communication devices during school board meetings, specifically bars board members from communicating “with the public regarding official school board business, agenda items or other board matters that are properly discussed publicly during board meetings.”  And yes, that’s a quote from the policy.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next!

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