I have been wondering why the protesters who say “No Towers” are really doing their damnedest to make the Hydro Electric more expensive for those of us who must buy electricity.  We will not eliminate the pre-existing power lines.  We will still see electric poles.  We cannot tax lines in the ground as we now do the electric poles so towns taxpayers will pay more property taxes and higher electric rates for all their work to bury power lines.  Worse yet is the disturbance to the environment by the blasting of our granite sub terrain.  Then there is the fact that to bury in the states Right of Ways would require that every time a highway is made larger it would require again digging up lines and reburying, more blasting and disturbance to the environment.

I as a rate payer of electricity am PROTESTING to our states site evaluation committee that they haven’t asked the protesters of the Northern Pass why they want Higher electric rates for New Hampshire electric users?  And why do they want higher environmental impacts to our scenic state?

Harriet E. Cady
P.O. Box 149
Deerfield, N.H. 03037