Bradley: Where's the report?

Bradley: Where’s the report?

Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, Republican from Wolfeboro, issued a statement after delivering a letter requesting quarterly spending reports the Governor’s office is required to issue.  In the statement, Bradley says Governor Margaret Wood Hassan seems to be ignoring the law, which he proposed and she signed not so long ago.  Said Bradley, quote

“This is our second request sent to the Governor’s office calling for her to release quarterly spending reports for statewide departments as required by RSA 9:11 to the legislature and New Hampshire taxpayers…The first report should have been filed by March 31 and is over two months late.”

Hassan: You mean I have to follow the law?

Hassan: You mean I have to follow the law?

Bradley said he was particularly concerned that quote

“we have spent significant resources outside the budget to address the heroin crisis. That is why these budget reports, mandated by law and passed with bi-partisan support, are so important…The Governor owes it to New Hampshire taxpayers to comply with the law and ensure that the new spending on the drug crisis, which the legislature has approved, is consistent with the budget and the revenue targets we adopted last fall.  Without this information, we simply don’t know the answer to that question and how our state stands financially.”

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Investigation melts ICE

The Boston Globe is out with a report showing that thirty percent of illegal aliens in New England released after serving time for crimes they committed, rather than deported as ordered, continue to commit crime, including rape, murder, child molestation and more.  The report, which was released on Sunday, flatly exposes as untrue ICE’s claims that quote “very few, less than ten percent” of those criminal aliens released offend again.  In the article, ICE blames the refusal of illegal aliens’ native countries to allow them back into the country and a Supreme Court ruling preventing them from indefinitely detaining illegal aliens for their release back into society.


Exposed by Globe

The Globe said it took them three years to investigate ICE’s claims because most courts in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine don’t have online databases where the public can search for records.  In order to start the investigation, the Globe had to sue the federal government to release the list of criminals immigration authorities returned to neighborhoods across the country.  Reports the Globe, quote

“A judge ordered the names released in 2013, and the Globe then undertook the work that the federal government didn’t, scouring court records to find out how many released criminals reoffended.”

From two thousand eight to two thousand twelve, the Globe discovered three hundred twenty three criminal aliens that were released rather than deported, committed all sorts of crimes that not have otherwise occurred.  State and local jurisdictions were almost never notified of their release, by the way.  We’ve linked to the story, which includes a search-able data base of all criminal aliens released across the country from two thousand eight to two thousand sixteen.  Our thanks to the loyal listener who sent it our way.

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Willard: Unloads on Sununu comments

Willard: Unloads on Sununu comments


“I can’t believe this candidate would make such an idiotic statement. We, in Manchester have lead from the beginning!”

That’s what Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard tweeted yesterday after W M U R Political Director Josh McElveen tweeted that G O P gubernatorial candidate and District Three Executive Councilor Christopher Sununu said about the heroin crisis quote

“No one has led at the state or local level.  I will lead for my kids.”

I’m thinking he might want to reconsider or clarify his statement.

MSD: Principal candidates introduced

MSD: Principal candidates introduced

The Manchester School District is hosting a community forum to introduce the top two candidates for principal at Bakersville Elementary School and offer an opportunity for the public to ask questions.  Those vying for the principal’s position include, Cynthia Courounis, currently an assistant principal at Parkside, and Kate Josef, the assistant principal at Jewett Street School.  Whoever is chosen will replace Principal Judy Adams, who is retiring after 13 years at Bakersville.  The forum is tonight from five thrity to seven at the school.

Ground broken

Ground broken

HOPE for NH Recovery has finally broken ground to convert the former C. A. Hoitt Furniture building at the corner of Wilson and Valley streets into a treatment and recovery center.  It’s taken months to get the necessary approvals to move the project, which was announced in October, forward.  AutoFair President and CEO Andy Crews presented a $24,910 check from a car sales donation campaign they ran in April.  Remarks were made by the Mayor Ted Gatsas and Police Chief Nick Willard, among others, as they swung mini sledge hammers at a wall that was erected for the event.  The first floor should be ready for use within the next ten weeks.

Retirement ceremonies approach

Retirement ceremonies approach

On June 14th at 6 pm American Legion Post 2 7 in Londonderry will host a Flag Day ceremony where they will respectfully retire old flags.  In making the announcement Post Commander Bob Stuart said members of the public are welcomed to bring their old flags to their facility at 6 Sargent Rd.  Most, if not all, Legion posts will do the same, so if it’s time for you to retire Old Glory, entrust it to a local Legion or other veterans organization.  They’ll make sure it gets done right.

Note to those in Manchester, Sweeney Post will hold its ceremonies on the evening of June 13th, so be sure to get your flags to them over the weekend.

Rubens: Stands by his man

Rubens: Stands by his man

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Jim Rubens responded to recent attacks on G O P presidential nominee Donald Trump alleging he is a racist.  Quote:

“I’m standing by my endorsement of Donald Trump.  He is not a racist.  His decades of hiring practices prove that.”

Rubens wins the brevity award for the shortest press release in political history.

That’s news from our own backyard!  Girard at Large hour ___ is next

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