(Hours 1a,b,2b,3a,b,c) ElectionAfter talking to the listeners about a case of voter fraud in Broward County, Florida, Rich talked about Donald Trump’s appearance in both the Granite
and Michigan.  Finally, he informed the listeners about the different Wards within Manchester and spoke about combating election fraud.

(Hour 1b) Rich continued in his coverage of Election Day.  He spoke about the effect of Barack Obama’s presidency on the economy.  He then took a call from Roland in Manchester, who commented on the foul mouth that’s found on one of the Presidential candidates.

(Hour 2b) Rich shared about the voter turnouts thus far in Merrimack and in Bedford.  He made his prediction about the amount of electoral votes that Donald Trump will receive and he talked about polling in the battleground states.  Finally, he spoke about Trump’s voter reach and those who will not vote for him due to his manner of speech.

(Hour 3a) Rich took a call from Dave in Manchester, who wanted to follow up with Rich about who he voted for today.  They discussed the language that is used by Donald Trump and the shady practices found with Hillary Clinton.  Rich then gave his opinion on whether or not Kelly Ayotte will receive the Republican vote and the listeners heard comparisons between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

(Hour 3b) Rich took a call from State Senate Ross Terrio, who alerted the listeners about the lines of voters in his Ward.  He then told the listeners what he has been hearing from voters and discussed the Trump effect of this election.  Rich talked about the corruption found between Hillary and the DNC concerning the treatment of Bernie Sanders.  Finally, he discussed the FBI’s closure of Hillary’s case.

(Hour 3c) State Representative Victoria Sullivan updated Rich about polling numbers and they talked about what is motivating people to go to the polls.  Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers and Anchor of A Question of Voter Fraud, called to share his findings in Milford.  Finally, Wayne in Manchester called in to report his findings, as well.

To report your out-of-state plate findings click here and to view a breach of free speech at Kimberly Morin’s expense click here.