(Hours 3a,b,c) Rich spoke to Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.  The conversation covered the following topics: 

  • Investigation of Alderman Tom Katsiantonis 
  • Should Alderman Katsiantonis Step Down
  • Performance and Cost of Law Enforcement
  • Budgetary Assignment to Police Department
  • Budgetary Theme
  • Superintendent Bolgen Vargas’ Budget Presentation
  • Board of Aldermen’s Budget
  • Bus Trip Duration Time


(Hour 3b) Rich and Mayor Gatsas continued with: 

  • Manchester’s Upcoming Field Trip Regarding the Opioid Epidemic 
  • Field Trip Presentation Details
  • School District Drug Program Alterations and Notification Process
  • School-Provided Safe Haven for Children

(Hour 3c) Mayor Gatsas and Rich ended the show by discussing: 

  • Financial Impact of Recent Snow Storms
  • City’s Financial Picture for This Year
  • Economic Development
  • Opportunities to Attract High-End Neighborhoods
  • Impact of Code Enforcement in the City
  • Does the City Need to Make Parking More Available