As written by A Question of Voter Fraud’s Ed Naile:

Let’s put the NH Attorney General’s Office on trial for voter fraud – denial.

In 2015 the NH Civil Liberties Union sent a legal RSA 91-A Right to Know request to the NH AG asking for all documents regarding vote fraud investigations conducted by the office from 2000 – 2015. That would be my area of expertise.

The NH AG complied with the NHACLU request with 26 pages of “investigations.” I will reveal in a series of public articles as well as to anyone from the US Attorney’s Office who wants to know how well NH is keeping its voter rolls clean – as per US Code 52, the lack of any true investigation, or prosecution.

Starting with the NHACLU’s assertion that no “drive by” voter fraud has been found in NH 15 years, I am offering their description of what they have concluded from the NH AG the “legitimate” Right to Know Request response.

Then, in my next article, we will see if all this official denial passes the laugh test.