Price: In Manchester to listen

As part of the Trump Administration’s ongoing effort to address the opioid crisis in America, Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Tom Price, M.D., was in the state yesterday to hear from local leaders, emergency services personnel and drug treatment and recovery providers.  He came right to Ground Zero in Manchester, stopping for a private session at the Central Fire Station to learn about the city’s efforts to combat the opioid epidemic.  Mayor Ted Gatsas was on hand as was Fire Chief Dan Goonan, Police Chief Nick Willard, Emergency Medical Services Officer Christopher Hickey and Governor Christopher Sununu, among others.  Accompanying Price was Kellyanne Conway, a top advisor to the President.

Conway:  Listening for the White House

In a statement released announcing the visit, it was said that Secretary Price and the Trump Administration understand that it is state and local policymakers, advocates, emergency personnel, treatment centers, faith based organizations, good neighbors, and many more who have responded to help their communities in this time of great need.  While Price came here to listen to representatives of these groups and learn about how the federal government can best support local initiatives and hear what is and is not working, he also outlined what the feds were doing to address the issue. 

During the campaign, Trump pledged to bring the full weight of the federal government to bear on solving the problem, including stopping drugs at the border, targeting the gangs that were dealing and assisting with treatment and recovery.

Ayotte: FBI bound?

While we’re on the topic of Washington coming to N H, we might as well share that someone in N H may be going back to Washington.  Former Senator Kelly Ayotte is said to be under consideration as the next F B I Director.  Ayotte, who was briefly considered for the position of Secretary of Defense, was chosen by President Trump to shepherd supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch through the senate confirmation process.  Ayotte, a former N H Attorney General, refused to support Trump’s presidential bid, saying she would rather lose her seat than support someone who denigrated women.  Well, she lost her seat, but, interestingly, has has been at Trump’s beck and call since.  Interesting, huh?

News from our own backyard continues after this. 

Lots from the town of Hooksett this morning!

Bouchard: Incoming chief

Hooksett Police Lieutenant Janet Bouchard will be Hooksett’s next chief of police.  Former Police Chief Peter Bartlett and the Town Council gave their blessings to Bouchard’s nomination by Town Manager Dr. Dean Shankle.  Bouchard’s been on the job in Hooksett since two thousand five, where she’s risen through the ranks.  She has a B A in Criminal Justice and has been trained in supervision , drug investigations, and in the FBI -LEEDA program.  She’s expected to be sworn in on May twenty fourth.

Open House

In celebration of Preservation Month, the Hooksett Heritage Commission is sponsoring the 13th Annual Hooksett Heritage Day on Saturday, May 20th, with activities from ten thirty to one thirty.  Plans so far include an Open House at the Old Town Hall where members of the Heritage Commission and the Town Hall Preservation Committee will show visitors the progress made in the building’s rehabilitation, which includes the removal of the second floor that restores the Main Hall to how it was from 1 8 2 8 to 1 9 6 1.  Guests will also be able to view future renovation plans and historical photos of changes to the building.

Robie’s: Open House, too

In addition, the Robie’s Country Store Historic Preservation Corp., will have scrapbooks with photos of Old Hooksett at the store in conjunction with its merchandise, including custom Hooksett items.  Be sure to stop in!

Planning Board has big items on agenda

Also in Hooksett, the Planning Board will meet on Monday, the fifteenth.  On the agenda is an R F P for the Master Plan and a public hearing on a three hundred eighty two unit dormitory at Southern N H University that will end up in both Hooksett and Manchester.  Might want to keep an eye on that one. . .We’ve linked to the agenda from this news read at Girard at Large dot com.

Beware Mylar balloons

With Mother’s Day, graduation celebrations and Memorial Day on the horizon, Eversource is urging people to be careful with. . .Mylar balloons.  In a release issued yesterday, the state’s largest electric utility said the balloons can cause power outages and worse.  Because the silver metallic coating on Mylar balloons is a conductor of electricity, a balloon that makes contact with power lines, it could damage them and the equipment to which they’re attached, cause power outages and, believe it or not, cause an electrical surge in nearby homes!  

this is bad, very bad!

It only takes one to cause a problem, according to Bob Coates, Vice President of Safety at Eversource, who suggested the Mylar balloons be tied to something that won’t allow them to float away and be completely deflated when thrown away.  He said thousands of Eversource customers experience outages each year as a result of Mylar balloons.  If a one does get tangled up in electrical wires, DON’T TOUCH IT!  Call Eversource immediately to report the problem.  We’ve got the phone number with this news read at Girard at Large dot com.  1-800-662-7764.

That’s NEWS from our own backyard!  Girard at Large hour ___ is next!