Kellyanne Conway

(Hours 2b,c) Rich spoke to State Representatives Victoria Sullivan and John Burt for Under the Golden Dome.  They started by talking about tomorrow’s special election and shared their support for Mark McLean.  They then discussed Senate Bill 3, pointing out a conversation between the Humble Host and bill sponsor Regina Birdsell

Click here for more information about SB3.


(Hour 2c) As Rich continued with State Representatives John Burt and Victoria Sullivan they took a call from Arthur in Sandown, who shared his suggestion about how to fix the problem with out-of-state college students voting.  They then talked about State Rep. Sullivan’s upcoming appearance on NPR concerning misogyny and the rape culture in the State House, before Harriet in Deerfield called to share her thoughts about election law.  Finally, they tackled full day kindergarten funding.  Tune in to get all of the details!