Sununu: Red Tape on the cutting room floor.

Governor Christopher Sununu announced the results of his initiative to reduce regulation in the Granite State yesterday.  On the day he took office, Sununu ordered a regulatory review of each agency of state government and imposed a ninety day moratorium on the adoption of new rules.  In a statement issued yesterday, Sununu said the effort identified over sixteen hundred rules that can simply just go away. 

Sununu also said he’d issued a new Executive Order requiring agencies to either go through the process of repealing the identified regulations or not renewing them, and establishing the Regulatory Reform Steering Committee, which will create task forces that will continue the regulatory review of state government agencies.  Sununu set a November first deadline for the task forces to complete their reviews and make their recommendations to the Steering Committee which, with his approval, may extend the deadline.

Said Sununu, quote:

“Today’s actions are part of my ongoing ‘Cutting Regs and Red Tape’ agenda.  This is about moving to a culture where our employees, and boards and commissions feel empowered to have a mindset of ‘yes first.’ When it comes to working with state government, far too many small business owners have to fight to get to ‘yes,’ and that’s not right. We need to encourage and support common sense customer service.”

We’ve linked to the governor’s Executive Order and the forty one page report that lists the more than sixteen hundred regulations slated for the Ash Heap of History from this news read at Girard at Large dot com.

Edwards: Puts Shea-Porter on the spot.

First District Congressional Candidate Eddie Edwards, Republican from Dover, is calling on Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter to boycott a Strafford County Democratic Party fund raiser featuring California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  In a statement issued yesterday, Edwards faulted Waters for voting against the Veterans Accountability Act, which he said encouraged whistle blowers, like the ones who came forward about the Manchester V A Medical Center, to call attention to the system’s failures so veterans could get the care they needed.  

Said Edwards, quote: 

“If the quality of care for our veterans is anything but first class, our government should be doing everything possible to encourage and protect whistle blowers.  Regrettably, Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California disagrees with that sentiment.  Even before recent reports at the Manchester VA Medical center, her vote in itself should have disqualified her from receiving an invitation to speak at the Strafford County Democratic Committee’s fundraiser. These new revelations only exacerbate it.”  End quote.

Edwards also said Shea Porter should publicly call on the committee to dis-invite Waters.

Baldasaro: Interview raised eyebrows

In an interview here on Girard at Large, veterans’ advocate State Rep. Al Baldasaro, Republican of Londonderry, said because of the act, more than five hundred people have been fired from the V A for poor performance.  We’ve linked to it.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Lachance: Surprise filing

It was a busy day of candidate filings at Manchester City Hall yesterday as several filed for office.

  • In the race for mayor, perennial candidate and speaker at all meetings of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and Board of School Committee Glenn Ouellette filed his candidacy.  Would it be a mayoral campaign in Manchester without Glenn?
  • In Ward One, Alderman Kevin Cavanaugh filed for reelection, creating a primary in that race, and former State Rep. Joe Lachance surprised many when he filed for school board.
  • In Ward Two, Thomas Svoleantopoulos of Mirror St., and former School Committee Member Bob O’Sullivan filed for alderman, bringing the total number of candidates in that primary to five.
  • In Ward Five, former at-Large School Committee Member Kathy Staub filed for school board.
  • Van Houten: Waited until almost the last minute

    In Ward Six, Peter J. Macone of Morse Road filed for alderman.

  • In Ward Twelve, incumbent School Committee Member Constance Van Houten filed for reelection.
  • Also in Ward Twelve, there’s a bit of a controversy as Constance M. Roy-Czyzowski has filed to run both for ward clerk and selectman.  We didn’t think that could happen, so we questioned City Clerk Matthew Normand about it and he agreed.  He’s been trying to reach Czyzowski to explain she needed to pick one or the other because she couldn’t run for both.

The filing period ends today with the close of business at City Hall.  So, if you want to file, you have until five o’clock.

Metzler: No end

It would seem our favorite superintendent of all time, Earl Metzler of the Timberlane Regional School District is at it again.  In a series of emails released by Timberlane Regional School Board Member Donna Green of Sandown, it would seem that Metzler is trying to prevent the board’s Policy Committee, which Green chairs, from meeting over the summer.  And, if they do meet, Metzler’s decided the meetings should be an hour shorter than the three hours typically set aside for the meetings, which are supposed to take place once a month. 

Green: Blocked out

When Green responded to Metzler’s email shortening the length of the meeting by instructing committee members, which include several district staffers, to disregard Metzler’s email shortening the meetings, Metzler responded saying she had no authority to direct the staff and to disregard any direct communication from Green, who, again, is the committee’s chair.  It went further south from there.  We’ll share it all during this morning’s show.  It highlights many things wrong with school governance across the state, not just in Timberlane.

Meet & Greet

The Hooksett Chamber of Commerce has invited the Hooksett Town Council to a Meet and Greet on Thursday, July 27th from 4:00 to 6:00 p m at the New England’s Tap House Grille.  As a result, the town has decided to officially notify the public of the event, it’s called posting it, in the event that a quorum of the council attends.  I recommend they all try a “Danhattan” to break the ice.  If you attend, make sue to say hi to the Prime Minister of Fun for us.

Crystal Lake: E-Coli gone for now

Oh, and by the way, Crystal Lake in Manchester was reopened to the public yesterday after e-Coli levels receded to safe levels.  Let’s hope it stays that way for the weekend!

That’s NEWS from our own backyard!  Girard at Large hour ___ is next.