Kevin Cavanaugh

(Hours 2a,b,3a) Rich talked about the results of yesterday’s special election in District 16.  He conveyed feedback from listeners concerning David Boutin’s (R) loss to Kevin 

Cavanaugh (D) and shared his theories about why Boutin’s run wasn’t successful.  He then addressed claims made by Raymond Buckley concerning the Republican Party’s defeat and took a call from Eddy in Manchester, who praised the strength of the Democrat Party in Ward 1 and inquired about the differences between Ward 1 in Bedford and in the Queen City.  Tune in to get the details!

(Hour 2b) “Why would Ray Buckley, Chairman of the State Democratic Party, want Republicans to take away his lesson from this election,” Rich wondered as he continued in topic.  He pointed out that Buckley didn’t congratulate Cavanaugh after his win and shared about the lack of resources spent on promoting Boutin, before taking a call from Harriet in Deerfield.  Harriet discussed the Union’s involvement in Boutin’s loss and displayed her discontent over his voting experience.


(Hour 3a) Rich speculated about whether or not the results of the election spell doom for Mayor Ted Gatsas in the General Election.  He compared the campaigning strategies of both Mayor Ted Gatsas and Mayoral hopeful Joyce Craig and discussed statements made by Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard at yesterday’s show (Click here to view the archive).   Finally, he shared criticisms aimed at the Queen City.