Well, it was a busy day in Concord yesterday, one that I really don’t want to deal with but I have to so let’s get about that business, shall we?

Let’s start with the state senate.  It voted to increase the state’s gas tax by a whopping twenty five percent.  If the bill becomes law, and you might as well bet on it, New Hampshire’s gas tax will top twenty two cents per gallon.  Republican senators Chuck Morse of Salem, Russell Prescott of Kingston, Sharon Carson of Londonderry, Andy Sanborn of Bedford, Sam Cataldo of Farmington, Jeb Bradley of Wolfeboro and Jeanne Forrester of Meredith opposed the bill.  Donna Soucy of Manchester was the only Democrat to oppose the bill.  (Must be running for reelection.)  So, the thieves in Concord want to jack the tax to collect another forty million in taxes for the Highway Trust Fund that they’re taking eighty million bucks out of for non highway spending.  Nice.  But hey, they also approved an amendment to the state constitution that says you can’t do that, unless two thirds of both the House and Senate vote to approve it.

The senate passed the so called “Paycheck Fairness  for Women Act“.  You might recall that our Political Buzz segment anchor Kimberly Morin, a woman, thought that was a horribleKimberly Morin idea.  If passed, the bill would allow employees to inquire about and discuss the pay of other employees, something employers are currently allowed to prohibit.  Violations of the law could find employers paying up to ten grand in fines and jail time.  The bill, interestingly, prohibits employers from lowering the salaries of women employees to match those of men doing the same job.  Go figure that one.

Those of you thinking that New Hampshire’s gay marriage law protects an individual’s rights to not be forced to do business with a gay couple think again.  The senate yesterday approved an amendment to the state’s constitution that, if passed, would bar discrimination based on sexual orientation.  Wanna make a bet that, if passed, it will be used to force religious institutions or those whose religious beliefs don’t agree with gay marriage, to provide services for those ceremonies?  Yeah, didn’t think so.

The Senate passed a measure prohibiting any person who receives public assistance from using an E B T card or cash obtained with an E B T card to gamble or to purchase tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, lottery tickets, firearms, or adult entertainment, which is nice but unenforceable.  How is the state going to prove that any of those items were purchased with cash from an E B T card withdrawal?  Here’s a thought.  Why not ban cash withdrawals?  Problem solved!

Oh, if Senate Bill three forty becomes law, the next time the state comes up with an Obamacare exchange plan, the Department of Insurance will have to hold two public information sessions in different regions of the state to get the public’s feedback before its doctors and hospitals are eliminated from coverage options.  This is a good thing, not just for the obvious reasons, but also because it will make the Seniors Bill of Rights they passed yesterday less likely to be needed as there will simply be fewer seniors as we prepare to give them some pills to make them comfortable rather than spending the money to fix what’s ailing them in their advanced age.  Hey, just quoting President Barry on the campaign trail.

At least the House killed the latest and greatest casino bill yesterday.  Let’s give it up for the very brave Democrats who bucked their party leadership and the governor realizing that the numbers just didn’t add up and that NH would lose that crap shoot in the not so long run.

We’ve linked to all this amazing list of legislation so you can read it yourself.

News from our Oh My HEAD! backyard continues after this.

The New Boston Police Department has issued a warning regarding several internet scams that have recently been reported.   The scams have been perpetrated through Craig’s list as well as e-mails to  quote unquote“Secret Shoppers.”  The ruse is referred to as a “split deposit” scheme in which has someone receives a check or money order via U P S or Fed Ex.  The recipient then deposits the check or money order into their bank, keeping a portion of it to purchase a product or service.  The remainder is to be used to purchase a western union or postal money order and mail it to a different address.  The out of state check or money order is eventually returned because it’s counterfeit.  Most of these schemes have originated in Texas, Florida and Georgia.  If you have any questions or concerns about a solicitation you’ve received, please feel free to contact your local police department.

One hundred ten kids at West High not attending Advanced Placement classes recently attended a breakfast at the school to learn more about them.  The kids came from all four class years.  The turnout elated West administrators who used the occasion to showcase that academic pursuits are alive and well at West, which interestingly has the highest S A T scores in the city.  School officials are hopeful the turnout will significantly boost the number of kids taking A P classes and lead to an increase in the number of classes available.  That turnout is roughly ten percent of the school’s total population.

The kids in the Gossler Park School Eco Club will host an all day Arts and Crafts Fair tomorrow.  The expo will run from ten to three in the school’s gymnasium, providing a day of fun, games, prizes and excitement for the whole family.  The funds raised will benefit the Eco Club, which of course will help the kids save the Earth.

That’s news from our own backyard.  Wanna move yet?  Girard at Large hour ___ is straight ahead!