MHT Board of Mayor & Aldermen(Hour 1a, b, 2a) Our tuckered out host was happy that the Board of Mayor & Aldermen started the Budget meeting early yesterday.

It was a long night, but they finally agreed on one.  Rich shared the details of the deal devoid of cuts or changes that required an override of the Tax Cap.

(Hour 1a) 06-11-2014 Hour 1a

Rich questioned the sincerity of several Aldermen on “changing the things that need to be changed.”  Nobody seems to be questioning Chief Burkush’s Fire Station Shutdown Strategy.

Eric from Manchester called in to call out Mayor Ted Gatsas.

(Hour 1b) 06-11-2014 Hour 1b

Rich on Hirschmann’s Nastygram on the City’s Disabled Tax Exemption and Corriveau’s financial frugality not being applied to Manchester Budgets.

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(Hour 2a) 06-11-2014 Hour 2a