Gatsas & Dunphy(Hour 3a, b, c)

(Hour 3a) Mayor Ted Gatsas gave us his take on the resignations of Conduct Committee members Robyn Dunphy, Deb Langton and Art Beaudry.

Dunphy debated Gatsas on the rules and authority of the Student Conduct Committee.

Mike from Manchester called in to comment on ignored procedures and a school administration that doesn’t seem to care what the School Board says.

(Hour 3b) Gatsas discussed other settlements with the Office for Civil Rights and teachers coming forward on the problems with smarter balanced assessment testing.

Jack from Manchester called in to question Mayor Gatsas about “revolutionary changes” by Federal forces in the Public Schools.

(Hour 3c) Gatsas assessed Manchester’s emergency response services and how PSNH handled the Thanksgiving snowstorm.

Also, proposed bike lanes on Second Street (instead of sidewalks), Ted’s take on the NH Speaker’s race and what to do about undocumented minors in NH and refugees in Manchester (without any federal funds).