Manchester Animal Shelter:  In need of space.

Manchester Animal Shelter: In need of space.

The Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter, or F-MAS, is looking to obtain at least one of the portable classroom buildings the Manchester School District wants removed from the grounds of the Beech Street School.  The Board of School Committee’s Building and Sites Committee approved F-MAS’ donation request on June twenty third, so long as they paid to remove it from school property.  To that end, F-MAS is looking to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to foot the bill, which they estimate at thirty seven thousand dollars.  The request is before tonight’s meeting of the Committee on Community Improvement.  They say they are in desperate need of additional space for educational workshops, a community room for their cats and a meet and greet room they say will help increase adoptions.  (We’re thinking it’s just to give Shelley a bigger office so she can have more pets in there with her at any given time!)  Anyway, the school board still has to convey final approval, so it’s on the agenda for next week’s meeting.

MSD:  Business before the aldermen

MSD: Business before the aldermen

Speaking of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, at their meeting tomorrow night, they will officially accept the resignations of Ward Three School Committeeman Christopher Stewart, who is moving to Ward One, and Ward Six Committeewoman Robyn Dunphy, who is moving out of state to where her husband has found a job.  The board will also vote on the proposed contract between the Manchester School District and Manchester Education Association.  Their’s is the final approval needed to ratify the contract.

O'Neil:  Will not appoint negotiations committee

O’Neil: Will not appoint negotiations committee

Before the meeting, the aldermen will again convene in non public session to discuss contract negotiations strategy.  Oh, and speaking of negotiations, Girard at Large has learned that Alderman at-Large Daniel P. O’Neil, Board Chairman and Lord Emperor of the Queen City, will not appoint a special committee of aldermen to negotiate with the city’s labor unions, all of which saw their contracts expire on June thirtieth.  The job of negotiating on the city’s behalf has been dished off to the “no-doze duo” of Finance Officer Bill Sanders and City Solicitor Tom Clark.  Must be an election year.

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Clinton:  Ropes to keep the dopes away

Clinton: Ropes to keep the dopes away

“Hillary Clinton continues to demonstrate her obvious contempt and disdain for the Granite State’s style of grassroots campaigning.  The use of a rope line at a New Hampshire parade is a sad joke and insults the traditions of our First-in-the-Nation primary.” That’s just some of what Republican State Committee Chair Jennifer Horn had to say on Saturday as pictures of Hillary Clinton being surrounded by people bearing rope lines surfaced from the annual 4th of July Parade in Gorham–that’s “Gor-Ham” to those of you who insist it’s “Wind-Ham.”  Apparently, it was quite a spectacle that upset a lot of folks in the media because, well, they too–horrors!–were kept behind the mobile rope line surrounding Clinton.  Horn noted that several G O P candidates marched in parades over the weekend without such interference being run between them, the citizens in attendance or the press.  Just can’t make this stuff up.

Willard:  Now on Twitter

Willard: Now on Twitter

Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard has decided to open new and direct social media lines of communication with the public.  He’s now on Twitter.  His first tweet came on July Fourth.  It simply said quote “My foray into the Twitter-sphere as Chief of Police! Fitting it would be on Independence day (sic) given my love of freedom!”  His most recent tweet came just minutes before we came on the air noting the he’d changed the Manchester Police Department’s policy barring officers from having any visible tattoos in response to an Op.Ed. piece he read from a woman whose husband was deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan couldn’t even apply for a position with the department because of a U S Army tattoo on his forearm.  Tattoos are now allowed at the chief’s discretion.  The Chief’s handle for those of you who want to follow along is @ChiefWillard.

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