Says budget impasse hurting most vulnerable

Says budget impasse hurting most vulnerable

The Home Care Association of New Hampshire is calling on legislators in the General Court to find a compromise or override Governor Margaret Wood Hassan’s veto of the state budget.  The group said quote

“The current state budget impasse is hurting access to care for NH’s most vulnerable citizens who need home care.”

The non profit organization has been around since nineteen seventy four and represents home care agencies licensed in New Hampshire.

Sununu:  Calls on Democrats to vote to override budget veto

Sununu: Calls on Democrats to vote to override budget veto

Picking up on their call for action, Republican gubernatorial candidate District Three Executive Councilor Christopher Sununu issued a statement saying Democrats need to step to the plate and override Hassan’s veto.  Quote:

“Governor Hassan’s politically motivated veto of the state budget is hurting essential social services and blocking funding that would benefit our most vulnerable citizens.”

He said the Home Health Care Association was just the latest to call for an override of the governor’s veto and that Republican leadership in the General Court had put together a responsible budget that addressed the needs of the state’s most vulnerable populations, including  services for mental health and the developmentally disabled.

A vote to override Hassan’s veto is scheduled for Wednesday, September sixteenth.

Gatsas:  No doubt, he'll try again

Gatsas: No doubt, he’ll try again

The Southern District of Hillsborough County Superior Court has received another federal grant to continue its drug court.  Officials announced the court will receive about another million dollars over the next three years to continue and expand the number of people put through the alternative sentencing program which provides drug treatment and rehabilitation for addicts who commit crime over an eighteen month period of time.  The court closely supervises those who agree to the alternative sentence to ensure they comply with the required treatment and recovery regime.  Failure to comply causes them to go to jail to serve the time suspended for their criminal convictions.

Long:  Another push for count funds?

Long: Another push for count funds?

No doubt that news will have Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas again asking the county to fund similar services for the Northern District of the court.  Along with Ward Three State Rep. and Alderman Patrick Long, Gatsas had asked the county to use four hundred forty three thousand dollars of county’s more than five million dollars in surplus to fund a plan he, Long, Superior Court Judge Ken Brown, and various officials developed to start the alternative sentencing scheme.

Kurk:  Backs county surplus for artificial tax reduction, but not drug court

Kurk: Backs county surplus for artificial tax reduction, but not drug court

The County Delegation defeated the request by a mere five vote margin.  Although several counties directly fund such courts themselves, some legislators thought it was a state problem, others, like Representative Robert Rowe, Republican of Amherst said the drug issue was a Manchester problem.  Others, like State Rep. Neal Kurk, Republican of Weare faulted the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for not setting aside funds, that was Alderman Joyce Craig’s idea, and said that it would be irresponsible to use surplus as a one time revenue to start an ongoing program.  Minutes later, he proposed using a million dollars of surplus as one time funds to reduce the tax rate.  Anyway, we’re not sure what he’ll do, but bet on Gatsas taking some sort of action in light of this announcement.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Clark:  Complaints in his hands

Clark: Complaints in his hands

As we mentioned earlier in the week, another complaint has been filed by a citizen against the three Manchester aldermen who violated the city’s charter to vote in favor of the contract with the teachers union.  Michael Olszta, who forwarded us a copy of his letter on Monday, pointed to the charter’s clear language barring aldermen and school board members from participating in matters in which an immediate family member had a personal or financial interest and asked if they were in a court of law, could they swear that there was no conflict as defined in the charter.  We all know the the answer to that, don’t we.  Stay tuned.

In his weekly interview on Girard at Large, Mayor Ted Gatsas said he was turning complaints over to the city solicitor believing he will be unable to resolve the matter with aldermen Ron Ludwig of Ward Two whose wife is a teacher, and Barbara Shaw of Ward Nine and Normand Gamache of Ward Eleven who have daughters who teach for the district.

New York 911And just a reminder as we close out today’s news, today is September Eleventh.

May we always remember this day and the tragedy that struck our nation, the thousands of lives lost and the devastated families and friends left behind.

May we always remember the bravery shown by those on United Flight Ninety Three and the courage of those who rushed into burning buildings and saved countless lives.

May we always remember those who removed the rubble in New York at risk to their own health and their families.  And, may we remember who we were as a people that day and the next and recommit ourselves to liberty and justice for all and recognize there is no peace or safety without stength and common sense.

911 Memorial at Manchester Memorial High

911 Memorial at Manchester Memorial High

In commemoration of the attacks, the Manchester School District is inviting the community to attend assemblies planned at Memorial High School. The school will remember the day with a program that coincides with, and marks the times of the attack as it unfolded in 2001.  Guest speakers will share their personal stories of 9/11. Governor Maggie Hassan, Mayor Ted Gatsas and other city officials will be in attendance.

The first assembly will begin at 8:30, and the second portion of the program will begin immediately after the first one ends at 9:45. The final assembly is set to conclude around 11:00.  The school district hopes you can join them for this student-focused event.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next!