Sununu: Did it so he could sleep at night.

Sununu: Did it so he could sleep at night.

Fallout from the Executive Council’s vote on a contract that provided retroactive funding to Planned Parenthood of Northern New England continues, with District Three Councilor and G O P gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu bearing the brunt.  In a rambling seven hundred word transcript of a media interview released by his campaign, Sununu claimed his vote had nothing to do with his being “pro-Choice,” but in being “consistent” and being able to “sleep at night.”

Sununu, who said he’s consistently voted to fund Planned Parenthood, claimed he only voted against its funding last year because it was under investigation following the release of several gruesome videos showing it was selling body parts from aborted children for profit.  While he criticized Democrats for playing politics, he said his vote was a principled one about health care, not a political one about abortion.

Sununu made these statements despite questioning from fellow Republican councilors Joe Kenney of District One and David Wheeler of District Five that clearly laid bare several facts, including that poor women were covered for all their health needs by the Expanded Medicaid program and that Planned Parenthood of Northern New England managed to conduct business as usual without the state’s funding.

Adams: It was clear to all

Adams: It was clear to all

Said District Four G O P Executive Council candidate Jim Adams in a statement on the matter quote

“It was apparent to everyone in attendance that the only service not available from Medicaid Expansion is abortions.”

Adams said had he been on the council, the contract would have failed as he would have voted against it.  Incumbent District Four Democratic Councilor Christopher Pappas voted with Sununu to approve the contract, as did District Two Councilor and Democratic candidate for governor Colin Van Ostern.

Reaction of Sununu’s opponents in the G O P gubernatorial primary was unequivocal.

Edelblut: Sununu principles lacking

Edelblut:  Sununu principles lacking

State Rep. Frank Edelblut, Republican from Wilton, issued a statement condemning Sununu for playing politics and misleading voters during the lead up to the vote.  Said Edelblut quote:

“We need a Governor who knows what his principles are…Sununu previously voted both for and against this same type of contract over many years.  We have a state agency which is already $16 million over budget and Chris Sununu just voted to give them an additional $600,000 of taxpayer money for a retroactive contract.”

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas slammed Sununu’s vote saying quote:

“By casting the deciding vote to retroactively fund Planned Parenthood while the Department of Heath and Human Services faces a $16 million shortfall in the Medicaid Enhancement Tax revenue…Sununu has betrayed New Hampshire taxpayers and has also turned his back on conservative grassroots activists.”

Gatsas: Pledges not to fund Planned Parenthood

Gatsas: Pledges not to fund Planned Parenthood

Gatsas said he has consistently opposed public funding for Planned Parenthood and believes there are many community health organizations that can provide alternate, high quality health care options for women.  He pledged to deprive Planned Parenthood of any tax dollars if elected governor.

Rival, Senator Jeanie Forrester, Republican from Meredith, who is also Chair of the Senate Finance Committee said despite Sununu’s pro-Choice stance, he quote

Forrester: Sununu doesn't get it.

Forrester: Sununu doesn’t get it.

“ought to respect the taxpayers enough to be a better steward of public resources…He made clear today that his previous vote against funding Planned Parenthood was little more than political posturing.  Conservatives cannot trust Chris Sununu.  He just doesn’t get it.”

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Bryfonski: Fireworks safety

Bryfonski: Fireworks safety

With the Fourth of July upon us, Bedford Police Chief John Bryfonski cautioned residents to be vigilant in their safety practices around fireworks, reminding residents that only Class C fireworks are legal to display, unless, of course, you have the proper permits.  In urging residents to use common sense in handling fireworks, Bryfonski reminded residents that only those twenty one years of age or older may purchase or use permissible fireworks and may only do so in towns that allow them to be used and only with the presence or written permission of the property owner.  Among the safety tips he shared are:

  • Fireworks caution urged

    Fireworks caution urged

    Follow all directions, caution labels and warnings labels on each individual firework.

  • Do not consume alcohol while handling fireworks.
  • Always display fireworks in a clear, open area free of overhead objects.
  • Always provide for a safe distance between buildings and any viewing audience.
  • Never extend any part of your body over the top of any device.
  • Always ignite one device at a time.
  • Never attempt to re-ignite, alter or fix any fireworks device that has failed to fire.
  • And, always have a form of fire suppression nearby, such as a fire extinguisher, hose or bucket of water.

MPD: Announces Police Exam

The Goffstown Police Department issued an advisory regarding fireworks, reminding residents that fireworks are allowed in town from July first through July seventh during the evenings from five to ten.

Auburn: Fireworks ordinance to go into effect

Auburn: Fireworks ordinance to go into effect

The Auburn Board of Selectmen issued a statement reminding the town that it has adopted regulations and prohibitions on fireworks.  Under the ordinance, fireworks are only allowed at certain times of the year, including the Fourth of July.  Fire Chief Ed Gannon proposed the regulations, saying they will allow local fire and law enforcement to handle situations without the need to involve state enforcement agencies.  While the ordinance was adopted at the June 20th meeting of the board, it won’t go into effect until July twenty first.

GPD: Citizens police academy announced

GPD: Citizens police academy announced

The Goffstown Police Department is planning its 2 0 1 6 Citizen’s Police Academy.   There will be a large list of subjects as well as practical exercises, demonstrations and time at the firing range.  Seats are limited and do fill up fast.  Please email Officer Jason Hull using police at goffstown police dot com with your name, telephone number and email address, if interested.  The academy’s tentative start date is September 8th.  Classes will be held once a week at department headquarters for approximately ten weeks and are free of charge.  Goffstown residents will be given first priority when enrolling.

That’s news from our own backyard!  Girard at Large hour ___ is next!

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