The city of Manchester is currently accepting applications through March 17th, for its Housing Rehabilitation Program.  The program aims to maintain and improve owner-occupied single family or multi-family dwellings available to lower-income residents.  The program provides zero percent interest repayable loans to moderate-income property owners and zero percent-interest deferred payment loans to low-income property owners.  If you are interested in applying, please fill out a Housing Rehabilitation Program Application and return it to the Planning and Community Development Department at One City Hall Plaza, Manchester, 0 3 1 0 1.  Applications may be mailed, or dropped off at the Permit Desk located on the third floor of the City Hall Annex.  Those with tenants should complete the Resident Application Packet.  We’ve got the links for both applications with this news read at Girard at Large dot com.

Wanna remove lead in Manchester?

Also from the city of Manchester.  Contractors interested in becoming a Pre-Qualified Lead Abatement Contractor for the Manchester Lead Program are asked to fill out the contractor pre-qualification application and return it to the Planning and Community Development Department.  We’ve linked to the Housing Rehabilitation Program Guidelines and Policies and Procedures for additional information.

Clerk’s Office to close

The town of Amherst has announced that the Town Clerk’s office will be closed all day Tuesday, March 14th for Town Meeting Day, as the staff will be working at the polls from 6 A M  to 8 P M at Souhegan High School.  All other Town Offices will be open during regular business hours from 8:00. to 4:00.

UNH: Encouraged voter fraud…click for original

Out of eleven out-of-state U N H students who were arrested on criminal mischief charges following the Patriots Super Bowl win, six of them were on the Durham voter checklist, according to Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of N H Taxpayers and anchor of our weekly segment A Question of Voter Fraud.  In an article published by Naile at Oh My BLOG! on Girard at Large dot com, Naile provides the name, age, home town, state and N H Voter I D Number of the out of state voters.  How does Naile know they’re not legitimate N H residents, you ask?  Well, when arrested, they all gave their addresses in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Maine as their home address, because that’s what was on their drivers licenses, not the campus dorm rooms they used to vote.  Any questions?  There’s more, of course, and we’ve linked to it from this news read at Girard at Large dot com.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

It was a busy day under the Golden Dome in Concord, yesterday, so we’ll get right to it.

Sanborn: Pushing business deduction

The Senate passed S B 7 7, which increases the deduction small businesses can make under the Internal Revenue Code for capital purchases to half a million dollars, which matches the federal allowance.  Currently, New Hampshire only allows deductions of up to one hundred thousand dollars on state returns.  Bill sponsor, District Nine Senator Andy Sanborn of Bedford said the legislation would bring the state in line with 40 others across the nation and encourage small business owners to reinvest in their businesses and improve the job climate.

Daniels: Moves veterans plate forward

The senate also passed S B 2 0 4, which would expand veterans plates to include Purple Heart recipients at no cost.  Bill Sponsor, District Eleven Senator Gary Daniels of Milford said he was pleased the senate supported what he called a “common sense bill” allowing the state “to honor purple heart recipients and recognize their commendable contributions to our state and our nation.”

In the House, it was crazy busy.  H B 6 4 0 passed by a margin of three eighteen to thirty six.  That’s the bill that decriminalizes possession of marijuana, among other drugs and things.  Advocates tried to send out a press release praising the vote, they were so stoned they decided to grab a sandwich and send it later.

Buffer Zone Bill: Repeal fails

Going down to defeat was H B 5 8 9, which would have repealed the so called Buffer Zone Law, which prevents members of the public from gathering outside an abortion clinic.  A similar law in Massachusetts was found unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court.  Following the bill’s defeat, Cornerstone Action spokesman Shannon McGinley issued a statement saying the failure to repeal the bill left the abortion industry in charge free speech rights.  Quote:

Those zones can serve only to infringe on the First Amendment rights of peaceful pro-life witnesses. If women’s safety were the real issue, then legislators would be demanding that abortion providers call law enforcement whenever a woman experiences threats or harassment.

McGinley: Sounds off

And, the big news from yesterday’s House session was the vote to table H B 4 7 8, also known as the Bathroom Bill.  Cornerstone’s McGinley issues a statement saying that tabling is quote:

a temporary reprieve for the many New Hampshire voters who have spoken up with their concerns about the bill during the past week.

She also warned, that quote:

Any attempt by House members to revive HB 478 is going to bring those voters right back to the phones.

The rascals did try to take it off the table several hours after it was put on the table, but that vote failed.  Stay tuned.

That’s NEWS from our own backyard!  Girard at Large hour ___ is next!

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