(Hours 3a,b,c) Rich spoke to Ann Marie Banfield, Education Liaison at Cornerstone Action for Is Our Children Learning.  Ann Marie talked about the Plymouth State Project, which is a Federally funded psychological evaluation.  She shared about the surprising role of the teachers, informed about the company’s motive to sell products and more.

Click here and here to view Ann Marie’s blog posts.



(Hour 3b) Ann Marie and Rich wondered about the impact of the social and emotional wellness instructions.  They talked about ESSA’s promise of restoring local control in educational matters and they took a phone call from Harriet Cady, who shared an example of the negative effects of this educational direction.


(Hour 3c) After answering a listener’s question concerning special education, Ann Marie changed gears to discuss full-day kindergarten.  She talked about the political agenda behind extending half-day kindergarten to a full day schedule.  She then wondered about the absence of a cost-benefit analysis with all of the proposed changes to education.  Tune in to become more informed about these important topics.