Yesterday, one of your contributing administrators shared an indignant Facebook post from La Cabana Mexican Grill in New Boston, complaining that ICE agents had raided his establishments and arrested some of his employees.  Before we went to report on it over the air today, it disappeared.  We mentioned its disappearance over the air this morning and, lo and behold, a member of our Large and Loyal Listening Audience had captured a screen shot of it and sent it our way.

We also received a link to a news article that gave the “rest of the story.”

So, we’re provided both post that La Cabana removed from its Facebook page and an article that explains why the restaurant was raided.  Now, it’s your turn to let us know what you think.

Personally, we think the owner should be charged with all the relevant violations of immigration law if he knowingly employed people who were in this country illegally.  We also wonder just how and how much he was paying the illegal workers and whether or not he was paying all the associated expenses that come with employing those legally qualified to work in this country.  Unfortunately, “it ain’t cheap,” which very well may be the reason he hired illegals.