Wihby:  Arrested in Nashua prostitution ring

Wihby: Arrested in Nashua prostitution ring

The Easter weekend brought some very unexpected news as Manchester School Board Vice Chairman and former Ward One Alderman David Wihby was arrested on Friday afternoon in Nashua in a prostitution sting organized by the Nashua Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit.  According to published news reports, the sting was designed to catch johns soliciting prostitutes on-line for illicit rendez-vous at undisclosed Nashua hotels.  The police say they were responding to complaints from the hotels about prostitution activity withing their establishments.

Wihby was one of ten men caught during the sting, which took place on Good Friday, April third and Friday March twenty seventh, according to Nashua Police Captain Denis Linehan.  The men were placed under arrest after being recorded making arrangements to exchange sex for money.  Wihby and the rest of them will be arraigned in Nashua District Court in May on misdemeanor charges of solicitation.

Ayotte:  Accepts Wihbys resignation

Ayotte: Accepts Wihby’s resignation

On Saturday, Wihby resigned his post as Senator Kelly Ayotte’s State Director, a post in which he’s served for the past year.  Ayotte issued a statement saying she was  quote “shocked and deeply saddened that David Wihby, my state director and a friend for many years, has been arrested under these circumstances.  David obviously cannot continue his duties, and I have accepted his resignation.  This is a very difficult time, and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.”  Prior to taking the State Director’s position, Wihby had served as the Deputy Commissioner in the state Department of Labor for twenty five years.  It remains to be seen whether or not Wihby, who had previously told people he was not going to seek reelection to the Board of School Committee will resign the seat.

Avard:  Urges people not to rush to judgement

Avard: Urges people not to rush to judgement

In a statement issued on his Ask the School Board Facebook page, Ward Ten School Committeeman John Avard wrote quote “I know that people want to discuss the allegations against BOSC Vice-chairman David Wihby, but I respectfully request that you refrain from doing so here until his case is tried and resolved in court.  At this time, please remember that this is a man who has given many years of service to this community and I believe that he deserves the opportunity to speak to his own defense before he is dragged through hell here.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

Alderman at Large Joe Kelly Levasseur, as reported by Manchester Ink Link, criticized Senator Ayotte for accepting Wihby’s resignation.

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Osborne:  Battling unions over budget cuts in Derry.

Osborne: Battling unions over budget cuts in Derry.

A raging budget battle in the town of Derry has captured attention in recent weeks.  As we reported several weeks ago, the Town Council issued a directive to the town administrator to reduce the tax rate by about two dollars per thousand.  Derry is one of the highest taxed towns in the state.  That move has provoked employee unions, especially those representing police officers and fire fighters and they’ve brought out the big guns as they’ve swamped public hearings on the budget demanding the restoration of funds and promising public safety will suffer Armageddon if they money isn’t restored.  The cuts would eliminate seventeen positions, half of which are vacant, and require the closure of one of Derry’s four fire stations, which critics say is long overdue given that two of them are within a mile and a half of each other.  Town Administrator Galen Stearns has pushed back on the council’s directive saying the cuts should be phased in over a four year period of time, meaning they won’t happen, but the council seems to be holding it’s ground.  With the final budget meeting on tap from tomorrow night, we’ll hear today from Town Councilor and former Council Chairman Mark Osborne, whose leading the charge to cut the budget on behalf of beleaguered Derry taxpayers.

Candia Cops:  Crime Wave surges

Candia Cops: Crime Wave surges

Candia’s Crime Wave continues to run rampant through town.  Outside of the burglary bulletins we’ve made you aware of over the past month, Candia’s finest made a whopping one hundred eighty four traffic stops last month, issuing a mind boggling three, yes, that’s right, three motor vehicle summonses.  They also arrested nearly a dozen people on charges including receiving stolen property, writing bad checks, D W I, burglary (looks like those notices worked), drug possession, criminal threatening, contempt of court and ooohhh sooo much more!  We can only wonder when the Candia Crime Wave will come under control.  Pray for Candia to stay strong in the face of this onslaught of crime!

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