For Immediate Release


MANCHESTER, NH. June 28, 2021–“Daniel Concannon is a brave individual and I want to thank him for exposing what’s happening in the Manchester School District and for his courage in confronting the “woke mob” as it works to indoctrinate our students and staff into racist ways of thinking about and behaving toward people who are different from one another.

“As Mr. Concannon points out, this training isn’t about educating people about racism.  It’s about accusing people of being racist based solely on the color of their skin.  This doesn’t break down barriers between people of differing backgrounds, it builds them.  It fosters distrust and hatred of people based on their differences.  It is harmful, dangerous and totally against what Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King expressed has his dream; that one day his children would be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

“Mayor Joyce Craig has not only stood by as this has happened, she’s voted for it, she’s been a cheerleader for it and she has refused to release the materials the district and the city are using to train on it.  It is totally unacceptable and I call on her today to both release the materials that have been used to train city and school personnel, release all that has been used to teach this hateful ideology to our students and finally to discontinue doing it.  This is dangerous, demeaning stuff that is to be condemned and disavowed, not embraced and celebrated.

“As mayor, I will put a hard and full stop on this disgustingly racist training and remove it entirely from the school district city government.”