For Immediate Release


MANCHESTER, NH  July 29, 2021–The campaign or Manchester Republican mayoral candidate Richard Girard released the endorsement of two New Hampshire Executive Councilors, today.  Current District 5 Executive Councilor David Wheeler and former District 4 Executive Councilor Earl A. Rinker III have released statements of support.  Wheeler, a former state senator and state representative, is serving his sixth term on the council.  Rinker, a former 3 term alderman from Ward 1, chair of the Manchester Republican Committee and Vice Chair of the NH Republican Party, served five terms on the council.

In announcing the endorsement, Girard expressed his gratitude.  “It’s been my honor and pleasure to work with Dave and Earl over the years.   Both are dedicated public servants who championed their constituents and were true to their political causes.  When they give their word, they’re good for it.   More and more, that’s a precious and rare commodity in public life.  They fight hard for the little guy and have withstood the storms and pressures of pubic life.  I am honored to have their support and thank them both for it.”

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Rinker and Wheeler join 25 others who’ve announced their support for Girard’s candidacy.  They represent all corners of the Republican Party and include many Democrats and Independents as well as cultural and issue groups.